The most user-friendly Voice, Video and Chat APIs and SDKs integration into your own App.

Scramble Apps Pvt. Ltd. ensures to provide smooth functioning of pre and post-launch of your Digital platform. Get your app running exceptionally well with hassle free connection with your Clients.

Absolute profound In-App Chat available anywhere

Our API-based chat service lets you build in-app chat with all the features of a modern messenger without sacrificing control over your data or user experience.

Messaging essentials

Manage your messages at your convenience. You can set every single message and permission.

Offline messages

Scramble Apps Pvt. Ltd. Let's you message offline when you are away from Internet. Send notifications about new messages to the user when their app is not running by using offline messaging functionality.


Moderation messages functionality gives you freedom to allow or reject the incoming messages from anyone. You can modify the list of messages receiver or sender as per your requirements.

The friendliest video chat API

Scramble Apps Pvt. Ltd. Calls API makes it faster to add high-quality voice and video calls to your apps. It’s built on proven managed infrastructure ready for massive scale.

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Comfort your known people with Scramble Apps Pvt. Ltd.'s Voice and Video Calls

One-to-One and Group calls

Which allows you for One-to-one and group calls with clear voice without any lag.

Explicit Voice and Video with no lag

Scramble Apps Pvt. Ltd. helps to get user-friendly voice and video calls.

Multi-device and cross-platform SDKs

The multidevice and multiuser functionality makes it exception from all other available SDKs.

Livestream in your own app

Hold a Livestream experience where you build and controls the whole event. Engage yourself in live events and get part of it as you are attending.

One-on-One and Group Chat, Voice, Video and Livestreaming is all set for smooth functioning on your app withScramble Apps Pvt. Ltd.'s SDK and APIs

Livestream your exclusive brand on your own App. Engage your viewers with Best-In-Class Chat and Watch Parties.

Host branded video livestreams in your own app

Curate a live streaming experience directly in your app, where you build brand equity and control the data.

Engage further with best-in-class chat and watch parties

Boost interactive livestream events with private & public moderated conversations, and side group video calls.

Drive monetization with an extensible platform

Seize immediate business opportunities with 3rd party integrations across payments, fulfillment, and more.

Monetized with exceptional platform

By integrating 3rd Party Payment platform boost up your business to the level you desire for and get more and more opportunities to raise.

Social & communities

Get interacted with your family, friends and co-workers and make stronger sense of belongingness.

Ride-sharing & delivery

Reduce Hustle, gets flexible with full independence and security while having your own app for ride sharing and delivery.


Create your own marketplace in your customized app to attract more and more customers by give high rated services and deliveries as needed for the business.


Get personalized to your patients by giving them one to one advise while sitting at their own place and maximize their satisfaction with in your app with various health tools, features and functionalities.

Professional services

Trust is the only way to win the customer; make them used to your own app by building a stronger relationship with them


Allow the app to get to know the person behind the profile and fix the date to move ahead in your relationship to enjoy at fullest.

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