Building connections
in a digital world

We build secure and scalable apps that inspire!

We are expert as XMPP developers with communication channels over XMPP based chat and WebRTC based calling apps. We are known for high-level secure and encrypted communication channels for chat and calls. We work on Erlang for Ejabberd and MongooseIM server which are highly scalable and can handle millions of congruent users at a time. We provide experience, expertise and capabilities that enable organisations to accelerate their service processes.

At Scramble Apps Pvt. Ltd., our mission is to build connections in a digital world. We believe that digital doesn’t have to mean impersonal. That physical boundaries shouldn’t create relationship boundaries. We believe in authenticity over superficiality, and in conversations over text messages.



6 million +

Active Users

6 million +

Messages per month

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Our Values

Endless tenacity for customers

Scramble Apps Pvt. Ltd. desire success; Tenacity is one quality whichScramble Apps Pvt. Ltd. muster !!! Scramble Apps Pvt. Ltd. cultivate among your existing talent pool and look for in future acquisitions.

Better than the best

With it's core values and adopting 3 Ts - Trust, Tenacity and Team Work; Scramble Apps Pvt. Ltd. proves to be better than the best.

Work to completion

It is the habit which has been cultivated inScramble Apps Pvt. Ltd.'s team which not accepting the failure and make the things best and complete till it's working as supposed to be.

Responsibility is on us

Scramble Apps Pvt. Ltd. is always happy to fulfil responsibility of completing the task on time with best output!

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