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ClueGate is an e-commerce App, brilliantly integrated with social networks and other networking platforms for complete functionality. You can connect, share and collaborate without spending a cent. It has many features, including (but not limited to): chat, survey tools and opinion-hub. The opinion-hub is a feedback tool that allows users to gather sincere and quick feedback from their social circle. You can now create an account to enable you see what your friends and family say about you, your business, or other situations which you are uncertain about, and you can then use the preponderance of opinions to make decisions that will have a positive impact on you.

What is ClueGate Service Offering?

With ClueGate Service, you will be able to easily find what you need regardless of where you are – country, city or town.

For professionals and business partners :
• Reduced multiple visibility and location cost.

• For professionals and small enterprises, the cost of operating or running a site, such as maintenance, management, domain, and server, will be reduced.

• Health improvement and conservation of environmental quality through reducing flyers which aren't read.

• Communication with customers through live chat in order to ensure that solid business transactions are more readily built.

For users :
• You will be able to quickly identify what you need through ClueGate.

• It will save you money and time which would have been spent on trying to find a company, object, restaurant, hotel, destination, or professional around an area.

• ClueGate helps you to easily find what you are searching for without breaking a sweat in a country, city or town.

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