Drive more transactions within buyer-seller conversations

Scramble Apps Pvt. Ltd. makes easy for buyer and seller to have smooth conversation and efficient transactions globally.

For online marketplaces, closing the gap between purchase intent and a completed transaction is crucial to business success

Our API-based chat service lets you build in-app chat with all the features of a modern messenger without sacrificing control over your data or user experience.

Close the gap between interest and order completion

Real-time messaging connects buyers and sellers across multiple apps and platforms so they can engage and inform both supply and demand to transact more quickly.

Boost user engagement

Pair in-app messaging with push notifications to nudge users back into your app and keep buyer-seller conversations flowing while boosting engagement and sales.

Reduce your reliance on SMS

SMS, calls, and emails pull users out of your app, requiring costly call masking, and push costs onto your buyer and seller. In-app chat, voice, & video are more cost-effective and reliable alternatives.

Build trust across your marketplace

Engaging human by connecting and ensuring the best quality and have them trusted user experience while making consumer learn about the product and services provided on the app.

Take back control of your data

Access your valuable data by leveraging better understanding with your customer. Channelizing your customers purchasing pattern and preferences over services.

On-brand, curated experiencet

Showcase your product with attracted font, colour, Icons to make them eye catching for the customers so that they are exactly the same as you want it to be.

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